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Can't use your bicycle in the rain? With Dryride, now you can! It's an amazing tool that keeps
you dry by letting you have an umbrella attached to your bicycle.
Special winter sale: Only 29.90 € Include free shipping!!!

Why Dryride?

Stay dry: It keeps you dry regardless of the weather.
Anti theft: It's portable and very easy to store.
One time installation: only 3 minutes for set up and your Dryride is ready to ride!
Universal It works with any kind of umbrella and any kind of bicycle adjustable to your every need.

What our customers have to say about Dryride?

I recently bought the Dryride and it's a great gadget for my bike. It's solidly built and pretty stable for my bike.
With a great price, I'm sure that I'll buy another one for my wife. I'd recommend it to my fellow bikers as well.
Bob Matthews

I got this product right after thanksgiving day. I was excited to test it out the ext day and see if it really works.
I was so glad with it. The setup was easy. Actually, everything was good about it. You can adjust almost anything.
Sheila Anderson

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